SIG-RME Connector FAQs

SIG-RME Connector Survey:

Question: Do I have to be a member of SIG-RME to participate in the SIG-RME Connector?
Answer: Yes, the service is available to SIG-RME members only. If you fill out the survey and are not a member, you will not be added to the Connector.

Question: What is the SIG-RME Connector?
Answer: The SIG-RME Connector is Google Sheet that contains information about SIG-RME members who are interested in connecting with their peers for a variety of purposes, including research collaborations, writing groups, etc. Although it is targeted for graduate students and early career researchers, any SIG-RME member can join. The Google Sheet is available in a read-only mode for participating members.

Question: How do I add myself to the SIG-RME Connector?
Answer:To be added to the Google Sheet, please complete this survey. Please note that the information you provide will be available for other members who complete the survey (unless explicitly noted otherwise).

Question: How do I remove myself from the SIG-RME Connector?
Answer: To be removed from the Google Sheet, please use the same survey. The permanent link for the survey is available on the SIG-RME website

Question: How do I access the SIG-RME Connector?
Answer: Once you complete the survey, the SIG-RME Connector Google Sheet will be shared with you via the email you provide. Please allow several days for processing. 

Question: How do I use the SIG-RME Connector?
Answer: You can search the database by research interests and purpose of networking to find graduate students or early career researchers with whom you would like to connect. Next, use the contact information provided to connect with your peers! 

Question: What if I have more questions, would like to provide feedback, or share a concern?
Answer: Please contact the SIG-RME Graduate Student Representatives at [email protected]