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JRME Mentorship Program

We have an opportunity for SIG-RME members who are doctoral and post-doctoral scholars.

The JRME Editorial Panel is piloting a program to mentor doctoral and post-doctoral scholars in the manuscript review process. As a first step in the process, SIG RME is surveying its membership to recruit interested scholars.

We will provide additional information about the mentorship program in the future.

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Announcements / Call for Papers

Call for Distinguished Scholar Award Nominations

The Special Interest Group for Research in Mathematics Education (SIG/RME) of AERA invites nominations for the Distinguished Scholar Award, to be presented at AERA 2023.This award recognizes and celebrates the programmatic research of a distinguished scholar within the field of mathematics education. The SIG/RME will present the award to an individual who is active in mathematics education research at the time the award is granted and who is nominated by members of the community as an exemplar in regard to the following two criteria. The nominee has:
▪designed and carried out programmatic research that has been grounded empirically and has contributed to the theoretical development of the field;
▪developed the research capacity of the field, as attested to by the existence of a “school of thought” or intellectual heritage whose constructs and results are used regularly by others.

One or more of the following additional criteria can strengthen the nomination. The nominee has also made:
▪major contributions to the broader field of educational research,
▪a major impact on the practice of mathematics education at large.

Scholars worldwide can be nominated for this award, and membership in AERA or SIG/RME is not required of the nominees. Self-nominations are not accepted.

Nomination packets must include the following:

A letter of nomination proposing the name of the nominee and describing the grounds on which the nominee meets the requirements for the award. Three criteria should be addressed in the letter:

A brief (no more than 250-word) description of the program of research carried out by the nominee;
A current copy of the nominee’s CV (including a list of significant publications representing the contributions described) and;

A list of scholars who have been significantly affected by the work of the nominee. The list of scholars may include, but need not be limited to, doctoral students who worked with the nominee. Include current contact information for the list of scholars.

The nomination packet must be received by Friday, September 23, 2022. Electronic submissions to Frances K. Harper at fharper1@utk.edu are required.
An awards committee composed of the past and current senior co-chair, a senior scholar in mathematics education, the previous award winner, and two active members of SIG/RME will decide on the award. The awardee will be expected to deliver the SIG/RME invited address at AERA 2023.

Call for Early Career Publication Award Nominations

The purpose of the Early Career Publication Award is to recognize an outstanding mathematics education research publication by an early career scholar. The award includes a stipend of $500, announcement in the SIG-RME newsletter and on the SIG-RME website, and recognition at the AERA 2023 Conference. The first award was presented in 2002, and the most recent award was presented to Dr. Jon Henner. The 2023 Early Career Publication Award nomination is due no later than Friday, November 4, 2022.

Nomination Guidelines

The publication being nominated for the SIG-RME Early Career Publication Award may be based on the dissertation work of the nominee or other recent research the nominee has conducted. The nominee should be either the single author or the first author (in the case of a jointly authored paper) and the contributor of the majority of the work done on the paper. Only peer reviewed research publications are eligible for nomination; the award will not be given for a dissertation. The nominee should be considered pre-tenure at their institution or have received their doctoral degree in mathematics education no earlier than 6 years prior to the nomination deadline (i.e., no earlier than November 4, 2016 for this year’s nomination). Current SIG/RME board members are not eligible. The publication being nominated will be judged according to the following criteria:

•significance of research;
•relevance and timeliness of research question; and •quality and rigor of research.

Nomination Packets

Nominations should include (and are restricted to) the following:
•A letter nominating the author of an early career publication. Please include the name of the author, the date of receiving the doctoral degree, and the name of the institution that conferred the degree. The nominator should also include reasons that the paper should be considered as an example of an outstanding mathematics education research publication.
•If the article is based on the author’s dissertation, please include the name of the dissertation director and complete bibliographic information about the dissertation or a link to the dissertation.
•Self-nominations are allowed.
•A copy of the published paper, including complete bibliographic information.

Nominations will be considered by a sub-committee of the Executive board, consisting of the Awards, Events, and Electronic Board Members. The decisions of that committee will be final. Please send nomination materials electronically no later than Friday, November 4, 2022 to Frances K. Harper at fharper1@utk.edu. Electronic submissions are required.

2022 AERA SIG-RME Board Nomination Announcement

We invite nominations for several positions for the AERA SIG Research in Mathematics Education board. The SIG-RME board serves a two-year term and if interested, we will need a biography (250-word max) to be printed in the fall newsletter. For sample bios refer to past fall newsletters (https://sigrme.org/newsletters/). Information about the available board positions, nomination process, and procedures are below. Please send nomination materials electronically no later than October 28, 2022 to Nicole Fletcher at nfletcher@fairfield.edu.

Available Positions

Co-Chair – The co-chair serves for two years, first as the junior and then senior co-chair. The senior co-chair presides over meetings of the executive board and at the membership during the SIG annual business meeting. In addition, each co-chair has specific duties related to conference organization. During the first year of service, the co-chair’s primary responsibility involves liaising with the NCTM Research Committee to plan the NCTM Research Conference, including determining speakers for the opening and plenary addresses. During the second year of service, the co-chair’s responsibilities include: general administration of the SIG-RME, serving as the program chair for the SIG-RME sessions for the AERA annual meeting, and liaising between the SIG and AERA.

Communications – The Communications Board Member’s primary responsibilities are coordinating communication between the Board and members of SIG-RME, posting to social media, and preparing and distributing SIG-RME newsletters.

Electronics – The primary responsibility of the Electronics board members is to maintain and regularly update the SIG-RME website with announcements, job postings, and calls for manuscripts. The Electronics Board Member also manages the annual election process and is on the selection panel for the Early Career Award recipient.

Events – The primary responsibilities of the Events board member are to arrange the SIG-RME reception at AERA and the joint meeting at NCTM. The events board member also is on the selection panel for the Early Career Award recipient. 

Nominating Process and Election Procedures

Nominations for the SIG/RME Executive Board shall be solicited from the membership in the Summer SIG/RME Newsletter. The current Executive Board shall select from those nominated and eligible for election a slate of six candidates, two for each position to be filled. Candidates who agree to stand for election shall provide brief (one paragraph) biographies to the Electronics Board Member. The biographies shall be distributed in the Fall Newsletter. All election processes and tabulation of votes for designated officer positions for the following year shall be completed within the timeline and by the deadline established by AERA in conducting its electronic election of Officers of the Association. The membership shall be notified of the election results in the Winter Newsletter.

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